5 Tips for Protecting Dogs’ Paws


Dogs run with their paws over small and large stones, through rain puddles, summer over hot tar, and winter even over road salt, split, icy surfaces, and cold snow. How can our dogs be protected from dry and cracked paws?

Dogs Are Toe Walkers

Our loyal companions actually walk on toes. Their front paws are comparable to our human fingers, their back paws to our toes. The largest part of the dog’s paw consists of the thickly cornified paw pads. These protect against rough surfaces. Nevertheless, dog paws are stressed by many different circumstances, such as hot tar, sharp stones or icy surfaces, and road salt. The consequences can be dry and cracked paws.

How Do I Properly Care for Dog Paws?

Caring for dog paws is pretty easy with the following five tips.

1. Spray Paws with Paw Care Spray

Healthy dog paws are usually smooth and soft. However, with various external influences, they can get stressed and can become cracked and brittle. A paw care spray with propolis helps to care for dry paws.

Why propolis?

Propolis, also known as bee resin or putty wax, is a resinous mass generally considered antibiotic. Bees produce this putty wax to protect their beehive from harmful environmental influences.

So if you spray a paw care spray on your dog’s paws, the propolis contained in the spray will cover the dog’s paws like a protective film. This protects the paws from a wide variety of environmental influences, and dry and cracked paws become supple and soft again.

2. Shorten Long Paw Hair

Some walks in the mud or snow can be quite painful for our dogs. Mud with small stones or snow can accumulate on long hair between the dog’s toes and form small to large clumps. If such lumps have settled, it helps to wash the paws with lukewarm water. If there are any lumps left over, they should be carefully cut off, and the excessively long hair between the toes shortened.

3. Dry Wet Dog Paws

After the paws have been washed off with lukewarm water, it should be dried thoroughly, especially in the spaces in between. Otherwise, wet spaces between the toes can become inflamed.

4. Lubricate the Skin between the Toes

To keep the spaces between the toes soft and healthy, they should be lubricated. A care and wound protection balm can be used for this. Ingredients such as aloe vera and marigold have nourishing properties.

5. Shorten Long Claws

If your dog’s claws get too long, it can become very hindering and restrictive in their walking. And it can be painful for your beloved four-legged friend. Imagine your dog mainly walking on its claws that it no longer has a firm grip on smooth or icy ground and slips. It is therefore important to shorten the claws if they are too long.

When are the claws too long?

You can easily check to see if your dog’s claws are too long. When your dog is upright on its four legs, the claws should not touch the ground. You can take a sheet of paper and pull it between the claw and the ground. If the paper gets stuck, the claws should be trimmed a little. If you are not sure, it is best to seek advice from your veterinarian.
There you can have your four-legged friend’s claws trimmed. You can also do this at home with claw scissors made especially for dogs which are available from a pet shop.


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