Healthy Relationship: 5 Ways to Understand Your Love


You try to have a healthy relationship, but when you realize you are already in that boring routine, full of fights and breaking more and more distant and disconnected with your love?
Next, you will learn once and for all that it is possible to understand your spouse. For that, you just need to speak the same language as him/her.

1. Words

Words can be affirming, encouraging, kind: verbal praise and words of appreciation that are powerful communicators of love.

There are people who love to be praised, that just by saying something pleasant, she gets all over, loves it, and is extremely happy. So, if you are that kind of person, or your partner is, just say words like praise, affirmation, kindness that she will be happy and will be pleased.

Ex: “You look so elegant in that suit!” “You look great in that dress!”

2. Weather

This language is related to the time that you are with someone, that is, time that you should dedicate your full attention to, without dividing it.

It does not mean sitting on the couch and watching television. When time is spent in this way, the TV stations, not the spouse, receive the attention.

Being together has to do with focusing attention.

Some people like to get attention, do things together, spend part or much of their time with each other. That way, they feel loved.

So, do you care about doing something with your partner, or do you not even care if you don’t get that much attention?

3. Gifts

Gifts are visual symbols of love. It means that when the person receives, for him you thought and remembered him. However, to please a person who likes to receive gifts, it is necessary that it be given on random dates and not only on Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary for example.

Have you seen that person when they are angry, and the partner gives them a gift, they already melt all over and forget what happened at the same time? Is this person or not the type who likes to feel loved to be gifted? Without a doubt, yes.

So, do you or your partner feel loved, like to get gifts, or be surprised in that way?

4. Serving

What you know your spouse would like you to do or vice versa. It is seeking to bestow by doing things that he/she appreciates, expressing love through different “Ways to Serve.”

Ex: take a coffee in bed, helping to clean the house, completing a task …

For example, my main language is this, along with that of time. When the husband cooks for me, I love it, helps me with the housework, solves something for me.

That way, I feel loved.

So, if you are like this or your partner, how about asking or starting to bring him a cup of coffee in bed, help him in any task he asks for your help, huh?

5. Touch

Walking hand in hand, kissing, hugging, and having sex are ways of communicating emotional love to your spouse. A loving cuddle anywhere can communicate love to your spouse.

The person who has touch as the main language, likes to receive affection, is embraced, and usually likes to stick together.


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