Home Remedies for Gastritis


Inflammation of the gastric mucosa is a common disease. Home remedies for gastritis alleviate the symptoms.

Your stomach is at the center of your digestion. It stores the food that is chewed in your mouth, mixes it with gastric juice, and chops it up before releasing it into your intestines. The main components of gastric juice are hydrochloric acid, proteins, and pepsins.

Its acidic pH makes most bacteria and pathogens harmless. So that the stomach does not “digest itself,” cells in the stomach wall produce a layer of mucus that protects them from the acid.

If your stomach is producing too much acid or if the mucous layer is too thin or damaged, your stomach wall can become inflamed. The gastric mucosal inflammation either begins suddenly and heals quickly (acute gastritis) or it develops slowly and persists (chronic gastritis). The acute form can change into the chronic form.

Often it already improves the symptoms if you take it easy on your stomach. Home remedies also help with gastritis. In more severe or chronic cases, it may be necessary to take medication.

Causes of Gastritis

A gastric mucosa can arise from various stresses. The most common polluters are:

Infection with Helicobacter Pylori Bacteria

40 out of 100 people in Germany carry the bacterium, only a small proportion of them develop gastritis. The bacterium disrupts gastric acid production. This leads to over-acidification, which can damage the stomach lining and stomach wall.

Anti-inflammatory Pain Relievers (NSAIDs)

Painkillers such as acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), diclofenac, ibuprofen, and naproxen can, if you take them for a long time, disrupt the protective function of the gastric mucosa.

Smoking, Stress, Fatty Diet, Alcohol

These lifestyle factors can also lead to stomach upset.

Symptoms of Gastritis

Common signs are:

  • Sensation of pressure and fullness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain in the upper abdomen
  • Decreased appetite, aversion to certain foods
  • Heartburn
  • Acid regurgitation
  • Bad breath

Rare symptoms are:

  • Flatulence
  • Bad taste in the mouth
  • Quick feeling of satiety
  • Diarrhea
  • Back pain
  • Vegetative disorders such as circulatory problems or cardiac standing

Home Remedies for Gastritis

The first step in improving the symptoms is to avoid anything that irritates the stomach lining. Alcohol, coffee, and nicotine are taboo. It can help to go completely without food for a day or two. In any case, light food is the order of the day. This means that you should eat as low in fat as possible, avoid meat and sausage products, as well as fried or deep-fried foods. Instead, choose light alloy soups, steamed vegetables, and fish. Eat only small meals.


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