The 10 Healthiest Foods You Can Eat For Breakfast


If you start the day well, you will be fresh and productive all day long. The choice of food is crucial. Is delicious also healthy? Here are some alternatives to traditional breakfast foods. With a few simple steps, you can lay the foundation for a healthy start of the day with breakfast.

Instead of Cornflakes and Ready-Made Muesli – Oat Flakes

Better to use homemade muesli or oatmeal. There is usually far too much sugar in finished products. Oatmeal can be purchased just about anywhere, and the variations in how they can be eaten are numerous. Not only do they taste very good with fruit and a little cinnamon, they can also be served very quickly with porridge when poured over with warm milk or milk alternatives.

If you want to add a little sweetness, you can do this with honey or agave syrup. This alternative saves sugar, and you can make the portions yourself with nuts or fruit, warm or cold, as you like.

Tea Not Coffee

Start the day with tea instead of coffee: Black tea also contains caffeine which helps get your blood circulation going. However, black or green tea is gentler on the stomach and is metabolized a little differently by the body. Tea is gradually released into the body and thus lasts a little longer.

Green tea contains phytochemicals that aids in the functioning of the immune system.
Herbal and fruit teas, although not actually teas as they do not contain a tea plant, are at least tasty.

But if you prefer to drink coffee, you can try grain drinks or cereal coffee. In the health food store, you can get extensive advice and find a sufficiently large selection of alternatives to coffee.

Milk and Milk Alternatives

You can try “milk” made from plants. Oat drinks or soy milk can help reduced fat and is a healthier alternative to cow’s milk.

Drinks made from nuts is also good as long as there is no allergy. The color varies greatly from normal cow’s milk and the taste and sugar content is rich.

Many milk alternatives are now also offered with reduced sugar. Try some completely new types of milk, such as Lupine milk.

Vegetable Butter

Try switching to plant-based saturated fat spreads. Margarine is a good choice as long as it doesn’t contain too many plasticizers. Products made from hard vegetable fats are ideal. Products with a small amount of animal fats are also okay. Have you tried margarine with a portion of yogurt?

Yogurt and Cottage Cheese

You can also switch to Greek or protein-containing yogurt. Here you can achieve the desired sweetness by adding fruits to your heart’s content. These yogurt alternatives are more filling because they contain much more protein, which will keep the body full for much longer.

You can also try Quark dairy product which is a bit similar to yogurt cheese and is also enriched with a lot of protein that keeps you full for a long time.


Eggs keep you full for a long time and, contrary to popular belief, they are not responsible for high cholesterol levels. A very quick way to create a filling breakfast: boil eggs, add tea, and the day can start. When buying, make sure that you buy organic variants, which are good for your health, the environment and animals.


A large plate of fresh fruits can be put together quickly. The best way to start the day is colorful. Rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits also keeps you full for a long time. Mixed with some of the foods mentioned like yogurt, breakfast is already complete.


Vegetables are an essential part of a balanced meal. Especially because vegetables usually contain less sugar than fruits, they should not be missing from any healthy breakfast. It can be served raw or even steamed with an egg. Or can be used in an omelet. Eating vegetables in the morning can help you perform well throughout the day.

Linseed Oil

Linseed oil is currently becoming more and more important for a healthy diet. Unlike other oils, linseed oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are particularly important for the body. Only fish contain a similarly high proportion of omega-3 fatty acids. There are studies showing that the intake of omega-3 fatty acids significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Stir the linseed oil into yogurt or pour over fresh vegetables. Those who keep up with this every morning will be doing something good for their body in the long run.


Fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, a dash of nut milk, and you have breakfast ready. If you want to eat quickly, but well and healthily, you can make yourself a smoothie. The body can easily absorb a sip of linseed oil and fat-soluble vitamins. A really healthy solution for people who like it quick and tasty.


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